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its-all-yours-now asked:

I just stumbled upon your post about robotripping & HELL YEAH. Shit was fucking terrifying. I had fucking entire body shakes and couldn't stop them 'cause I felt like I wasn't inside my own body. Not cool. I was a zombie and literally felt useless, and the feeling stayed for like 2 days. I don't know how people are even able to have somewhat coherent thoughts and actually do things on dxm. No bueno.

Dude, fuckin worst idea I ever had. I couldn’t move. It took so much for me to move. I had to crawl from room to room cause my body was so numb and shit. I hated it. You listen to music while tripping? We listened to still tippin from mike jones and that other dude, and it didn’t sound like it at all. We thought it was the song, but every version was the same. It freaked me out. Bad trip after that.

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